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Belt Analyst v18.1 Has Been Released


Below is a brief description of the new features introduced with this version of Belt Analyst™:

Dynamic Analyst Case Summary Graphs

Dynamic Analyst now contains a Case Summary graph tab where graphs for starting and stopping can be combined to show the complete dynamic cycle of the dynamic output.

New Takeup Options

Hydraulic Cylinder and Winch Off On style takeups have been added within the takeup tab to allow users to implement passive control takeups with high and low tension set points.

Advanced Saved File Options

Users can now save belt analyst files in a locked password protected mode, or as a finalized read only mode for safe distribution to other Belt Analyst users ensuring that file attributes only change when you want them to.

Improved Image Editor Functionality

The image editor feature within Belt Analyst has been greatly improved, allowing users to easily create simplified general arrangements of the conveyors they are working on for reporting purposes.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

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