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Transfer chutes are often overlooked while designing conveyor systems.  With many design aspects to consider, getting material from one conveyor to another may seem trivial.  However, well designed transfer chutes pay dividends down the line from reducing maintenance to optimal conveyor operational conditions.  Transfer chutes directly affect belt tracking, central material loading, and impact forces upon other factors.  Bulk Flow Analyst is designed and utilized by our team of engineers with expertise in transfer chute design to help analyze and optimize material flow throughout transfer chutes.  We are in the unique position of experiencing Bulk Flow Analyst, not only as developers, but as engineers and users.




Overland Conveyor Company pioneered the use of Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) in transfer design and has designed thousands of chutes around the world.   Through the application of DEM, Bulk Flow Analyst can simulate any transfer problem and help the designer optimize their flow requirements.  The simulation of bulk materials flowing through transfer chutes is one of the most difficult engineering problems facing conveyor system design.  We understand the challenges while navigating the complexities and details of DEM.  We make Bulk Flow Analyst intuitive and easy to use so you can focus on transfer chute design instead of managing the DEM parameters.   


Bulk Material


  • Visualize bulk material stream flowing through 3D transfer chute models

  • Make videos and images for reports and presentations

  • Customize viewer parameters to personal preferences

  • Advanced post processing tools including Force Analyst and Particle Motion Analyst

  • Force Analyst

    • Inspect wear and forces on chutes and conveyor belt surfaces

  • Particle Motion Analyst

    • Study particle data in detail from simulation output

    • Material loaded centrally

    • Measure tonnage throughput

Import your own 3D model geometry

Bulk Flow Analyst allows you to import transfer chute geometry in .step and .iges formats.

  • Context-sensitive interaction with the model to setup simulation components

  • Link simulation components to 3D model surfaces

  • Group and organize simulation components for quick reference

  • Adjust and fine tune simulation components and properties​

Custom Material Studio

  • Accurately model onsite material with specific size distribution by inputting size tiers and corresponding passing percentages

  • Real life shapes are not symmetrical or perfectly round - build unique shapes for each material size with the random lump generator

  • Pre-characterized General Library materials – select similar material to onsite material for quick design iterations

  • Custom and user libraries store optimized project materials and share between projects and users

  • Need to fine tune your material beyond the General Library? Material characterization optimizes DEM parameters to match the onsite angle of repose



Manage DEM simulations

  • Setup simulation easily by selecting individual materials and components

  • Manage simulations by organizing each simulation for different design considerations and iterations

  • Preview the simulated model as each component is selected


  • Run as many simulations as necessary on virtual computers at the same time

  • Uses the latest, high performance computing (HPC) instances available on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • End-to-end encryption of all data sent and received to the DEMCloud® using AES-256

  • Run more demanding simulations with smaller particles as the DEMCloud® is faster than local simulations

  • Only pay for the duration simulations are running


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