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Belt Analyst is designed and supported by a team of engineers actively engaged in the industry of conveyor design and evaluation.  Overland Conveyor Company is proud to be involved in consulting on some of the largest and most difficult conveyor projects in the world.  We have developed Belt Analyst as an easy to use tool for ourselves, fully capable in the evaluation of conveyors of all sizes, and the same tool we use is available to you.  We are dedicated to making the state of the art easy to understand and use.  Belt Analyst is used and trusted by thousands of conveyor engineers to design thousands of kilometers of conveyor belt worldwide.




Belt Analyst is also designed and supported by a professional team of software developers dedicated to ensuring the software is utilizing the most modern, professional, and efficient software framework.  We use modern software project methodologies (like Agile) to ensure our software is robust and continually improved.  This ensures our software can work within your IT infrastructure with minimal pain, and giving you confidence that the software will always stay modern and up to date with the fast changing software and computing environment.



Easy to Use

  • Designed from the ground up with user experience in mind

  • Simple color scheme communicates if, when, and where design concerns exist

  • Mouse-hover over design concerns to see explanations of what the concern is

  • Automatic Calculation - ensures the user can see the effect every input change can make to the system

  • Fully Customizable Screen Layout - adjust the view port layout to your specific preferences

  • Key design metrics and feeback displayed clearly at all times

Simple Conveyor Geometry Input

Belt Analyst allows you to input conveyor geometry to whatever degree is necessary for your calculation.

  • Auto-Return Mode - For simple and quick conveyor profile creation

  • Advanced Mode - Define exact pulley positions, wrap angles, and curve locations with a simple drag-and-drop interface

  • DXF Import/Export Ability

    • Import the full conveyor geometry

    • Import a ground line

    • underlay an entire dxf within the conveyor profile window.

    • Export the conveyor profile to any dxf drawing

  • Define Curves - easily define both vertical and horizontal curve locations.  visualize the curve radius and detect curve overlap concerns.

Accurate & Easy Dynamic Analysis

  • True Flexible Body Analysis of the conveyor belt for accurate visualization of starting and stopping conditions

  • The most used conveyor dynamic analysis tool in the world.  Validated on thousands of conveyors each year

  • Clear feedback for when starting and stopping may cause design issues

  • Test conveyor control methods prior to implementing them in the field 

  • Dynamic Analyst is a simple add-on to the belt analyst program

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