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Meet the Team

Paul-headshot 2.png

Paul Ormsbee, P.E.

General Manager

(303) 217-5207

Project Execution

Allen Reicks, P.E.

R&D Consultant


Mark Wilbur

Project Engineer

(303) 217-5208


Dr. Tom Rudolphi

R&D Consultant

Software Development

Jon Amoroso, P.E.

Senior Mechanical Engineer &

Product Manager for Bulk Flow Analyst™

(303) 536-1923

Ryan Cochran

Project Engineer


Laura Summers.jpg

Laura Summers

Software Engineer

Curt cropped.jpg

Curt Toppin

Technical Software Lead

Andrew Bragg

Software Engineer

Information Technology

Greg Willis

Principal Software Engineer

Jessie Alvarado Headshot

Jessie Alvarado

DevOps Engineer

Chelsea Toppin

Customer Communications Specialist

(303) 973-7357

Frank Headshot

Frank Nuebecker

IT Support / Software Engineer


To excel in Belt Conveyor Design, Engineering, Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting using an integrated systems approach.

We will encourage long-term relationships with mining companies who rely on belt conveyors to transport bulk materials. The goals of these companies are to mine raw materials at the lowest cost possible, which requires economic and reliable bulk material handling. Our services will consist of operations driven, system integration of conveyor components through advanced system modeling and simulation, performance monitoring and preventive maintenance.

We will solicit strategic alliances with non-competing component manufacturers and service providers who rely on belt conveyor users for the majority of their sales, manufacturing or service, These companies will represent industry leaders or potential industry leaders in their respective fields who are looking for ways to add value to their components or services through a strong industry reputation of technically superior service. The ability to integrate components into a reliable system is essential to trouble free operation.

We will establish links to research organizations and Universities with active research or academic programs complimenting our goals. These links will give us access to the latest and best mathematical modeling algorithms and theoretical problem solving expertise.

We will take a leadership role in industry technical organizations with material handling divisions or interests and will publish internationally to highlight the technical leadership of our organization or to emphasize the technical superiority of our strategic partners.


Our company’s story began in 1996 when William G. Zimmermann and Mark Alspaugh, P.E. sought to build an excellent technical support consulting company specializing in bulk materials and belt conveyors. With extensive belt backgrounds at key manufacturers like Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co and Continental Conveyor & Equipment Co., Zimmerman and Alspaugh created OCC, putting emphasis on integrity in engineering and personal relationships with clients. OCC immediately established several strategic alliances with component manufacturers and service providers who rely on belt conveyor users for the majority of their sales or service. These companies still represent industry leaders who are looking for ways to add value to their components.


In 2000, Allen V. Reicks, P.E., former Chief Engineer for Precision Pulley and Idler, joined OCC. With his strong experience in manufacturing and component design, Reicks is a driving force behind OCC’s research and development innovation.


In 2002, OCC merged with Martin Consultants Inc and Thomas Martin, P.E. joined the team. Martin brought years of experience in mine design and economic evaluations including route optimization, feasibility studies, risk analysis, and budgetary estimates. Martin stayed with OCC until his retirement in 2019.

In 2016 OCC merged with thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions. This partnership gave OCC the opportunity to work on some of the most difficult conveyor projects around the world. OCC’s broad experiences ensure our customers receive the best designed software with a personalized customer experience.

A new chapter for OCC began in September 2022 with the acquisition of thyssenkrupp’s Mining business by FLSmidth, a global leader in engineering, equipment and service solutions for the mining industry. We are proud to be part of the FLSmidth team and to add to its strong technology portfolio, which spans the entire mining flowsheet. This enables us to maximize our experience and expertise to help customers improve performance and reduce environmental impact on an even larger scale.


Today OCC’s team is dedicated to excellence in belt conveyor design, engineering, and troubleshooting using an integrated systems approach. The Belt Analyst™ suite has  become the international standard used by mining engineers, consultants, manufacturers, and service providers in all bulk materials mining and processing industries.

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