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Version & Feature Releases


  1. Bug fixes

    1. Fixed case summary printing issue

    2. Fixed Check for Update in help tab

    3.  Fixed several cases that cause BA to crash

    4. All popup tips now disabled on load

    5.  Fixed grid cells that expand infinitely

    6.  Fixed unit issues in Case Input Summary

    7. Fixed Shape objects not showing in Report Image Editor

    8. Fixed Team Manager Password Reset

    9. Added unit label to Y Axis of Belt Capacity Analysis graph

    10. Fixed example files not loading in Help Tab

    11.  Fixed undo operation for Remove Idler action

    12. Fixed Power Wizard sometimes resulting in extreme values

    13. Fixed Auto Select All button causing BA to crash

2. Features

        a. Good/LRR rubber types have been improved to be more aligned with CEMA rubber types
        b. UI Improved - Help Tab and Geometry Import options
        c. Data Driven Analyst improvements
        d. Takeup travel summary graph improvements
Trajectory Tab now shows top and bottom of material stream for Pipe Conveyors

V22.0.10.0 RELEASED FEBRUARY 15, 2023

1. Bug fixes

2. Disabled adding feeders onto Pipe Belts

3. Fixed issues with Accel Torque Time and Case values not updating correctly

4. Fixed issue with Same As Drives/Pulleys

5. Fixed issues with Material Tab not correctly updating when calculation method was changed

6. Increased character limit on User and company name

7. Fixed idler tab UI when expanding load rating

8. Fixed team Manager silent crash

9. Fixed belt rubber loading when file name was changed

V22.0.7.5 RELEASED NOVEMBER 1, 2022

1. Bug fixes

2. Fixed DA motor speed graph printing issues

Fixed issues caused by canceling initial file save when on the default file

3. Fixed issue opening template files

4. Fixed issues causing extension tool windows closing the whole program when closed

5. Fixed issue causing longer launch times

V22.06.02 RELEASED OCTOBER 21, 2022

1. Bug fixes


V22.0 RELEAED AUGUST 22, 2022
1. New Data Driven Analyst add-on
2. Auto and Recovery saves to preserve data
3. Dynamic Analyst motor and brake updates
4. Takeup improvements
5. Improved user interface on the Report Tab
6. Reduced DXF load times
7. General Stability and Bug Fixes


V20.1 RELEASED JULY 27, 2021

1.Takeup Modeling Improvements, including load cell feedback, drop-carriage supports, and adjustable permanent stretch effects.

2.Turnover drawing with sag position

3. Multi-Flight cutting and pairing

4. Velocity control delayed start option

5. Pulley shaft calculation additional shaft diameter for between hubs

6. General Stability and Bug Fixes

V20.0 RELEASED APRIL 3, 2020

1. Variable Speed Drive
2. "Same As" Drives
3. Case Variable Locks
4. Plan View
5. Dynamic Takeup Update
6. Conveyor Load On/Off Update
7. 64-bit Framework Update
8. Improved Printing Engine & Speed

V19.1.0 RELEASED JULY 29, 2019

1. Brand New Training Website
2. Lagging Analyst Update
3. Improved License Security
4. New Takeup/Drive Definition
5. DIN 22101 Pulley Friction Factor Defaults
6. Custom Belt Rubber Data Sharing
7. Dynamic Analyst Easy Parking Brake Control

V19.0.0 RELEASED MARCH 4, 2019

1. Redo/Undo Capability
2. Power Summary
3. Takeup Travel Summary
4. Takeup Improvements
5. Flap Mode Comparison
6. Updated License Management
7. Default Empty Load Case
8. Updated Reporting for Program Bugs

V18.2.0 RELEASED OCTOBER 3, 2018

1. Belt Capacity Analysis
2. Enhanced Power Wizard
3. Plate Vibration Theory - Flap Mode Calculations
4. Advanced Profile Import Updates
5. Improved stability and operation of program

V18.1.0 RELEASED JUNE 18, 2018

1. Dynamic Analyst Case Summary Graphs
2. New Takeup Options
3. Advanced Saved File Options
4. Improved Image Editor Functionality
5. General Bug Fixes and Improvements


1. ISO 5048: 1989 Calcualtion Method
2. Overhung Load Calculator
3. DOCX Report Printing
4. Profile Image Editor
5. Request File Audit
6. Idler Analyst Report
7. New Excel Export

V17.2.0 RELEASED OCTOBER 11, 2017

1. New Pipe Conveyor Methodology (Suite)
2. Finalize Profile Mode (Standard and above)
3. Updated Printing Routine
4. Error Description Popups
5. DIN C factor change
6. Transition Point Calculation
7. Network License Improved License Data
8. Dynamic Analyst - Dynamics Stability Improvements

V17.1.0 RELEASED APRIL 19, 2017

1. Popups added throughout the program to indicate new
features added in updates. Click the popup to dismiss
and visit Help -> Popup Tips to enable/disable specific
2. Added the ability to shift selected points by a certain
angle in the 2D profile
3. Updated template files which now include new features
such as horizontal curves and paired flights
4. Drive Velocity PID curve logic added to Dynamics for
automated curve generatio
5. Added the ability to delete multiple selected flights
at once
6. Added Flap Mode tab to the Profile tab displaying flap
modes graphically
7. New ability to save a view in the 2D profile and quickl
return to that point
8. Increased speed of license check
9. Files with Dynamics save with a limited results mode if
.tsn and .dva aren’t present
10. Quick Show all/one graph line feature added to Dynamics
results graphs 11. Dynamics tabs now detect errors and flag them in red

V17.0.0 RELEASED FEBRUARY 28, 2017

1. Case Manager look and feel
2. Feeder Analyst look and feel
  a. Multiple feeders on a single conveyor
  b. Auto update of drag calculations with program closed
3. Chinese Language support
4. New Drive Inertia Calculator
5. New Pulley Face Pressure Calcualtion
6. Reporting Functionality improvements
7. Dynamic Analyst improvements
  a. Customizable interface
  b. Upgraded graph area
  c. Updated control input methods for drive and take-up        controls
  d. Simplified file structure for improved simulation time
  e. Seamless integration with Belt Analyst
  f. Updated reporting

V16.1.0 RELEASED OCTOBER 7, 2016

1. Merge Horizontal Curves with Belt Analyst
2. Horizontal Curve Calculations
3. Import dxf ground profile
4. Export dxf ground profile
5. Import kml/kmz ground profile
6. Added the ability to pair flights
7. Ability to add multiple idler sets
8. Update to Idler Analyst
9. Set idlers by flight
10. Update Dynamic Analyst brake control options
11. Multiple backstops in Belt Analyst
12. Improved DIN22101 method calculations

V16.0.1 RELEASED MARCH 11, 2016

1. New and improved Profile Tab
  a.Carry and return points connection option
  b.Vertical Curve customization and breakdown
  c.Geometry error detection
  d.One click flight division
  e.New X and Y coordinates available
2. DXF drawings can now include head and tail drive,
   all carry and return flights, the take-up, trippers,
   extra pulleys, and intermediate drives.
3. Vertical Curves tab updated
  a. New Auto All and User All buttons
  b. Enable and Disable buttons added
4. New Case Summary Window that shows all of the
   case dependent variables in one window
5. New checkbox in the Take-Up Load Ratio window;
   will fixe the take-up on stopping.
6. Updated Idler Analyst
7. Expanded Rubber Indentation calculations to include
   the Large Scale Rubber test data per DIN 22123

V15.1.11 RELEASED NOVEMBER 13, 2015

1. Main window remembers size and positoin on the
2. Improved Target Tensions functionality
3. Improved Idlers funtionality when moving between
   User, Custom and Auto design modes.
4. Fixed Load/On/Off to refresh Vertical Curve tensions
    as the load is being increased/decreased.
5. Fixed an error that happens on printing when
    a case is disabled.
6. Fixed Material and Belt databases to show numbers in
   the proper format when in regional settings other
   than English.
7. Fixed and error that occurs when belt tensions are     invalid numbers due to invalid input geometry.
8. Fixed an error that occurs when the user doesn't have      Write permissions on

V15.0.16 RELEASED AUGUST 13, 2015

1. Customizable view of Belt Analyst.
2. Idler Analyst
3. Plugged Chute Calculator
4. Updated Pipe Conveyor Calculations
5. PDF Report Builder
6. Dynamic Analyst - New output for pulley load

V14.4.0 RELEASED JUNE 15, 2015

1. Various small bug fixes and improved performance.
2. Updated Pipe Conveyor calculations
3. Updated Help Files for Pipe Conveyor, Take-up     Types,Automatic Response Curves, Displacement     Calibration Factor.


Belt Analyst:

1. When calculating using the DIN 22101 design
   calculations mode:
  a.The belt safety factor is now calculated as per
      the DIN 22101 (2011) standard as described in
      the following documentation:
  b.The minimum pulley diameter is no based upon
      DIN 22101 (2011) pulley group classification as
      described in the following documentation:
  c.Material Cross Sectional Area calculations
      have been update to conform to DIN 22101
      (2011) as described in the following documentation
2. Idler databases have been added to provide the
   Belt Analyst user with acces to standard DIN sized
   idler sets. Load Capacities and rotating masses
   have been estimated according to DIN22107 and
   VCI2341 standards.

Dynamic Analyst:

1. Mechanical take-ups can be setup automatically
   to limit carriage velocity or maximum torque.
2. Mechanical take-ups (either winch or hydraulic
   cyliner), can now have a deadband (max and min
   take-up tension).
3. If you have a known take-up carriage displacement
   for a specific stopping condition, we have added a
   manual take-up calibration factor which will
   automatically increase program accuracy.
4. Drive velocity controls (PID Controllers) will now
   automatically select initial torque values for each case
   based on the static running torque.

V14.2.2 RELEASED OCTOBER 1, 2014

1. Fixed HS Drive Inertia Printing Issue
2. Fixed Horizontal Curve Printing Issue


1. New DIN advanced belt Functionality
2. New online help link
3. New sharable custom default via team manager
4. New auto login feature for team manager
5. New enhanced features for takeup in Dynamics
6. Fixed pulley Image display issue
7. Fixed trajectory load and save issue
8. Fixed text wrap around custom image on print
9. Fixed friction breakdown pie chart
10.Fixed Feeder PDF creation

V14.1.2 RELEASED JUNE 30, 2014

1. Various small bug fixes reported from v14.0 release. Improved execution speed. Improved License Manager.

V14.1.0 RELEASED MAY 15, 2014

1. Power Calculation updates
2. Case Manager improvements
3. New Power Wizard
4. Team Manager updates

5. Dynamic Analyst: FEA Execution Engine & Unique Control Array Lengths

V13.3.14 RELEASED 23 DECEMBER 2013

1. Biggest updates in Dynamic Analyst™. Several fixes to prevent loss of data mostly when using Case Manager. Also fixes to prevent error messages when changing flights, drives etc in Belt Analyst™. Improved executuon speed.
2. Added additional messages and information to pulley folder regarding pulley design data and better defining problems.
3. Added additional Language support. Updated Spanish Language resource file
4. Improved Graphic Drag and Drop of Pulley Wizard
5. Fixed Reversing Conveyor Features when all pulley wraps have been set.
6. Added Drag Multipliers to Case Variables List
7. Added new CEMA 7th Edition changes to Universal calculation methods. Can select from Menu. Can select Default, Good and LRR rubber.


1. Program will now automatically check your version at selected intervals and notify you if a update is available...
2. If you use Windows 7 on a 64bit computer, this update fixes some compatibility issues...
3. Provides additional information re pulley selection criteria...
4. Loading Cases can be seleted for automatic re-calculation or de-selected to speed up calculations or hide on the printout.

V13.1.412 RELEASED 16 AUGUST 2013

1. Fixed Dynamic Analyst Decimal Point Error
2. Increased maximum power pwr pulley to 20,000 HP
3. Fixed Dynamic Analyst Button
4. Allow Changing of Idler Bearing Types
5. Fixed Idler Bearing L10 Life error
6. Fixed Regional Settings decimal separator

V13.1.410 RELEASED 1 AUGUST 2013

1. Fixed Horizontal Curve Window Re-sizing
2. Fixed Manual Take-up when opening old file formats
3. Fixed Feeder Analyst Close Error
4. Fixed reading of Pipe Conveyor files
5. Fixed Seal Regen Factor
6. Fixed Regional Settings decimal separator
7. Locked the Head Transition Location to Head Pulley

V13.1.387 RELEASED 15 JULY 2013

1. Fixed Pulley Wizard periodic crashes
2. Fixed Manual Take-up
3. Pulley Diameter Defaults Raised to 4x Shaft
4. Improved Idler Calculation Speed
5. Improved Consistency of Unit Conversions
6. Fixed Take-up Data in Dynamics

V13.1.377 RELEASED 1 JULY 2013

1. Horizontal Curve Improvements
2. Pulley Calculations Improved
3. Adding Drive to Tail Pulley (Dynamics)
4. Corrected Temperature Multiplier
5. Case Summary Printout Improved
6. Improved Idler Calculations (Speed)
7. Improved reading old version files
8. Corrected Drag and Drop Errors

V13.1.100 RELEASED 15 MAY 2013

1. Case Manger & Team Manager
2. Advanced Belt Summary
3. Automatic Belt Transition Calculations
4. Automatic Belt Turnover Calculations

Dynamic Analyst:
5. Drive on Tail Pulley
6. FEA Engine Improvements​

Version & Feature Releases



  1. DEMcloud stability enhancements

  2. DEMcloud UI enhancements

  3. Material characterization optimization

  4. More logging improvements

Bug fixes

  1. Changed velocity direction error to a warning

  2. Reversing the belt direction causing a silent crash

  3. Fixed slow selection mode load time

  4. Fixed link for material testing procedures

  5. Fixed vibration motion properties

  6. Several restart bugs fixed

  7. Fixed renaming an injection region not propagating through the program

  8. Removing duplicate material causing a crash

V23.0 RELEASED MAY 9, 2023

  1. Extended Component validation to help users detect common problems sooner, including:

    1. Warning about Conveyor Velocity equaling 0

    2. Verify that Discharge Conveyor Velocity Direction is pointing towards the model

    3. Warning when skinny triangles were removed from a component

    4. Warning when using Post Process Mesh Quality on non-Extruded belts

    5. Verify gravity direction is not parallel to an injection face

    6. Materials now warn about lowering the max velocity below the auto calculated value

    7. Warning about high wall friction on Receiving Conveyors

    8. Warning about components that reference a model that was removed

  2. Warnings now shown in Component List view as well, with a short description provided on mouse hover

  3. Added Show Component Feature and improved geometry visibility functions

  4. Show and Hide Surfaces now works for individual surfaces

  5. Restarted simulations are now saved back to the Simulations Tab and nested under their parent

  6. Component sections that have warnings are automatically shown when going into edit mode on a component

  7. Test for boundaries that are coplanar to a periodic boundary before saving

  8. Added support for Belt Reference and Injection Face geometry types for Instantaneous Injection Regions

  9. Extruded Conveyors now have the total length calculated displayed

  10. When opening a file with multiple models loaded, now only the most recently used model is shown at start

  11. Improved application logs

  12. Minimum for Timestep Multiplier is now 0.1 and now handles blank input

  13. Improved Model tree alignment issues

  14. Fixed missing text in verification window

  15. Fixed Pulley Edit mode not accepting changes in some cases

  16. Fixed possible null reference issue when opening model

  17. Various fixes to Undo/Redo logic

  18. Fixed Force Analyst not working with projects updated from v18

V20.0 RELEASED JUNE 3, 2021

  1. New user interface - we have reconsidered the layout of the user interface to make the program flow more intuitive, allowing users to work more efficiently while achieving high quality, accurate simulations.

  2. The Modeler has redesigned from the ground up. Bulk Flow Analyst users can more easily visualize and define 3D geometry for use in simulations, while keeping future flexibility in mind for new features.

  3. Reworked component selection has a more streamlined approach with each component having clear and specific properties to define. A new selection mode has been added to allow multiple surfaces to be selected at once.

  4. Validation - Simulation stability has always been important and that starts with how components are defined. Validating the required component details will help you feel confident simulations will run as intended.

  5. Brand new simulations timeline - All timing details have been organized and consolidated to the simulations tab. This cleans up the component list and allows different simulations to utilize the same components with different timing.

  6. Ramped Belt Graph now controls and visualized the ramp belt steps with a graph that is integrated with the new simulation timeline.

  7. Help Manual and Supportive Materials have been written from scratch and reorganized with the new user interface in mind. We encourage you to take a look and read through the new structure as soon as the new version is released.


1. Floating licenses are now included in the program to allow several users to use a single license

2. Categorized components in the Modeler tab organize components by their type so they’re easier to find and manage

3. Streamlined material characterization includes automatic selection of coefficient ranges and an improved angle of repose test for more accurate and consistent results

4. Additional library materials provide pre-characterized materials over a range of sizes and angles of repose for running simulations with minimal setup

5. Simplified interactions by including a user-friendly Interactions window to edit interactions between a component and any material in the simulation

6. Simulations tab model preview allows users to preview all surface geometry stored in the BFA project file and highlights surfaces based on selected components for a simulation

7. “Max velocity” is now a material property that is auto-calculated based on project geometry

8. Updated help files

V18.0 RELEASED APRIL 11, 2018

1. New Material Studio with the ability to input your specific size distribution and create random lumps for each size

2. Random lump fabricator to create random shapes to better approximate rock shapes

3. Updated material library with a new General Library that have pre-characterized DEM properties

4. Ramped belt speeds to simulation start-up and shut-down scenarios

5. Simplified material characterization test procedures to help complete quick, simple onsite tests

6. Improved simulation speeds (up to 6x in some cases)

7. Updated user interface to be more streamlined and customizable

8. New advanced mode to simplify which parameters are shown and have a cleaner look

9. New request audit if you need help with your simulation

10. Updated help files


1. Added a “Gaussian” particle size distribution; the user specifies the average radius and the standard deviation

2. Added the ability to select an injection face instead of a body diagonal. This allows selection of more complex geometry for the injection region (for example, cylinders)

3. Improvements to the maximum limit for the number of usable components in a simulation

4. Changed the output naming convention of DEMCloud® simulations to use the actual simulation name

V15.1.0 RELEASED 2015

1. Improved the time-estimates offered by the DEMcloud®

2. Increased speed of processing by introducing dynamic load balancing

3. Improved component patterns to include support of paths with concavities

4. Improved the Motion Manager's method of referencing components

5. Material Characterization Simulations can now be run on the DEMcloud®

V15.0.0 RELEASED 2015

1. Add Custom Clusters, so several cluster shapes can exist within one material condition.

2. Improved cohesion calculations to handle wider variety of particle sizes, clusters.

3. Improved shearing component to cohesion calculations.

4. Random placement particle blocks now allow for non-uniform particle distributions.

5. Motion Manager is back!

6. Engine now offers more informative error messages when problems arise.

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