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Conveyor System Design
Design of a conveyor system focused on proper major component selection through design trade-off studies and customer feedback.
Conveyor Dynamic Analysis
Avoid common conveyor design flaws such as belt sag and drive slip by accurately modeling the starting and stopping of a conveyor while accounting for the change in stretch of the belt.
Conveyor Design Audits
Have an independent conveyor expert review a conveyor design to ensure design quality and identify potential improvements.
Horizontal Curve Analysis
OCC has been directly involved with safely implementing hundreds of conveyor applications utilizing horizontal curves along its routing. OCC has the experience and technical ability to determine how and when to implement safe and reliable horizontal curves within a conveyor design.
Transfer Chute Design
The simulation of bulk materials flowing through transfer chutes is one of the most difficult engineering problems conveyor engineers face. OCC pioneered the use of DEM in belt conveyor transfer design. We know what the problems are and how to solve them.
Pipe Conveyor Design
OCC has significant experience designing and evaluating pipe conveyors utilizing its proprietary power calculation methodology. We will work with qualified belt manufacturers to ensure a belt with the proper stiffness is selected for your specific project.
Conveyor Forensics and Failure Analysis
OCC can provide an independent and expert analysis into why and how conveyor issues occur. From component faliures to dynamic starting and stopping issues, OCC has the expertise to get the conveyor up and running again, and avoiding problem reoccurrences.
Budgetary and Feasibility Studies
OCC can provide an initial conveyor design for your project. Whether you need a study of the best route to travel form point A to B, a simple order-of-magnitude cost, or a detailed Net Present Cost analysis of your project, OCC has the expertise to guide you through the technical decisions to create a viable project.
Survey and Assessments
If conveyor downtime is eating into your production, a plant wide audit might reveal some simple changes that could have huge benefits. Or perhaps one or two problems always seem to pop up at regular intervals. OCC can help identify and eliminate these issues.

Since 1993, Overland Conveyor Company has served the mining and materials handling industry as a technology leader and specialist in bulk material handling by belt conveyor.  Our core mission is to use our unique blend of practical and analytical skills to provide our clients with reliable and cost effective equipment.

Our desire to collaborate and move the conveyor industry forward has lead to pioneering work with:

  • Long Distance Conveyor Design

  • Horizontally Curved Conveyors

  • Dynamic Analysis of Conveyors

  • Distributed Power, Intermediate Drives, and Drive Controls

  • Pipe Conveyors

  • Transfer Chute Design by Discrete Element Method

  • Conveyor Digital Twinning and Data Analysis

  • A Modern Conveyor Design Methodology as Published within the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) Belt Conveyor Design Manual

We readily share our innovations through our internationally recognized conveyor design suite of software: Belt Analyst, Dynamic Analyst, and Bulk Flow Analyst.

Whether your conveyor application is large or small, we have the technology, experience, and integrity to meet your needs.


We work with clients of all sizes and types - from the largest international mining companies, to innovative conveyor engineering companies, to family owned supply companies. Because we do not manufacture or build any components ourselves, our clients receive unbiased and relevant consulting advice to ensure their conveyor projects are reliable and cost effective.

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