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Overland Conveyor announces release of Bulk Flow Analyst v23

Overland Conveyor Company, a leading provider in advanced conveyor technologies, is pleased to announce the release of Bulk Flow Analyst Version 23! Released on May 10, 2023, the newest release included several enhancements and the return of past features.

“This latest installment of Bulk Flow Analyst has been in the works for more than a year,” said Jonathan Amoroso, head of software product management and Bulk Flow Analyst engineer. “We are so excited to be able to bring back a couple of features that have been requested, and continue to enhance other great features as well.”

Listed below are a few of the most significant enhancements in Version 23:

Show Component is Back

· Visualize selected surfaces for a component. Surfaces will be highlighted to show where the component is located within the model.

Individual Show/Hide Surface is also back

· Show and hide individual surfaces on the model has the flexibility to visualize internal surfaces

Restarts Redesigned

· Restarts will be listed under the original simulation on the Simulations tab to organize and show iterations.

Additional Validation Checks

· The new version has more validation checks for components and materials to ensure simulations are set up properly.

Instantaneous Injection Regions Options

· Selection Modes for instantaneous injection regions have been expanded to include Belt Reference and Injection Face.

There are also many other features that have been added or upgraded in this release. You can see the full list of updates here.

Current Bulk Flow Analyst users can get the installer for the latest version from within the software where the update checker will automatically pop-up next time Bulk Flow Analyst is opened. Users can also go to the help menu within Bulk Flow Analyst and click "Check for Updates"

A current Maintenance, Enhancements, and Support (MES) plan is required to update your software. Not sure if your MES is up-to-date or interested in buying Bulk Flow Analyst? Contact

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