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Belt Analyst Version 20.1 Released!

Overland Conveyor Company is proud to announce another release of the Belt Analyst software. version 20.1 has been released to all users today July 27, 2021 and includes the following feature additions:

Belt Analyst Screenshot

Takeup Modeling Improvements:

o Users can now account for losses associated with horizontal takeup carriage movement due to the slope of the ground at the takeup location.

o Frictional losses due to drop carriages supporting the belt along a horizontal takeup can now be modeled.

o Users can account for load cell tension control feedback within their calculations.

o Users can now input their own estimates for permanent belt stretch and its effect on takeup movement.

o Takeup now has Basic, Auto, and User Modes:

✍ Basic mode automatically calculates and sizes the belt tension at the takeup without getting into the specifics of takeup types and their difference (for quick ballpark calculations).

✍ Auto mode automatically calculates and sizes the belt tension at the takeup while still allowing the user to select a takeup type.

✍ User mode allows the user to fully customize and calculate in detail the conveyor takeup system.

Turnover Drawing: Users can now visualize a turnover within the 2d profile drawing, including the vertical belt position changes due to belt sag through the turnover.

Multi-Flight Cutting: within the Advanced User profile editing mode, Users now have the ability to cut carry and return flights at the same time and have them automatically paired.

Delayed Start Input: Velocity PID control inputs within Dynamic Analyst now have a Delayed start input which quickly allows for the delayed application of a starting velocity control curve.

Pulley Shaft Diameter between Hubs: Users can now input a pulley shaft diameter value for the area of the shaft between hubs, allowing for a calculation to account for a diameter difference between the locking assembly location and the middle of the pulley.

• Other Minor Improvements

o A cartoon profile image has been added for each case in the case summary tab.

o 2d Profile view now has an improved visualization for a transfer chute and its skirting.

o Improved stability for when internet connection is lost when using a floating license type.

o Users can now input “0” for number of motors on a drive pulley.

o Plate theory has been removed as a belt flap calculation mode.

o General bug fixes

o General stability improvements

Current Belt Analyst users can get the installer for the latest version from within the software where the update checker will automatically pop up next time Belt Analyst is opened. Users can also go to the help menu within Belt Analyst and click "Check for Updates"

A Current Maintenance, Enhancements, & Support (MES) plan is required to update your software. Not sure if your MES is up-to-date or interested in buying Bulk Flow Analyst? Contact

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