Belt Analyst™ v19 Released

Belt Analyst™ v19 includes new features including undo/redo capabilities, a power summary feature, and more. Read below for more information:

Redo/Undo Capability

Belt Analyst now has undo and redo capabilities. There are back and front arrows that allow the user to undo/redo their last action. You can also click on the drop down menu to choose one of more actions to undo/redo.

Power Summary

The Power Summary feature plots a chart which compares the maximum power requirement for each operating case. Cases which require more power than the nameplate power indicated will show up as red. Users can save the graph as an image, save it to a CSV file, or copy and paste it into a document.

Takeup Travel Summary

The Takeup Travel Summary plots a chart that displays the estimated takeup travel for each of the operating cases. Users can save the graph as an image, save it to a CVS file, or copy and paste it into a document.

Takeup Improvements

The user interface for takeup selection has been approved to make design easier and faster. The expanded takeup design specification gives the user more flexibility. We have also improved the data sharing of takeup data from Belt Analyst to Dynamic Analyst.

Flap Mode Comparison

Users can now create and view a comparison graph for the flap mode in all operating cases.

Update License Management

The license manager allows management of single or multiple licenses. Access it through the Help ->License information menu item.

Default Empty Load Case

A new default case called "Empty Load" has been added to all new Belt Analyst files. This case assumes an empty load and cannot be deleted.

Updated Reporting for Program Bugs

This update allows the user to report any bugs found in the program directly to Overland software engineers.

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