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Belt Analyst™ v19.1 Released

Updated: May 13, 2020

We have released a major update to our software Belt Analyst™. Read below for new features.

Brand New Training Website

Learn Belt Analyst™ on your own schedule with our new etraining website. Watch videos and earn credits with guided etraining courses.

Lagging Analyst Update

Enjoy an improved & modernized user interface with the newly design Lagging Analyst tool.

Improved License Security

Belt Analyst is more secure than ever with 2-factor authentication. Users now verify their email address prior to activating the program.

New Takeup/Drive Definition

Users can now create takeup pulleys located on the head/discharge pulley. Pulleys can also function as a drive pulley and a takeup pulley.

DIN 22101 Pulley Friction Factor Defaults

Default pulley friction factors are automatically updated based on DIN 22101 (2011) table 6 when calculating in DIN mode.

Custom Belt Rubber Data Sharing

Custom belt rubber data calculations now have the rubber data embedded securely for easy & secure file and calculation result sharing.

Dynamic Analyst East Parking Brake Application Control

Take advantage of an easy control method to apply a parking brake at a user-specified brake velocity value.

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