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Overland Conveyor Company introduces release of Belt Analyst v22

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The newest version of Overland Conveyor Company’s world-popular Belt Analyst software has arrived! Released on Aug. 22, 2022, Belt Analyst Version 22 includes many new features, most notably, Data Driven Analyst.

With the development of Data Driven Analyst, Overland Conveyor Company has created a proprietary conveyor digital twin process to remotely import conveyor operating data, create an accurate digital model of the conveyor system, and develop clear feedback on whether the current operation is compatible with the system design of the conveyor.

Data Driven Analyst as well as Dynamic Analyst will be an optional add-on to Belt Analyst Pro and Belt Analyst Suite. Previously, Dynamic Analyst was only available to customers with Belt Analyst Suite.

Other updates include:

Usability Improvements

  • Takeup improvements

  • Takeup tension can now only be edited on the base case

  • Takeup type on head must be Fixed type

  • Auto and Recovery saves preserves data during computer crashes or when work may have been lost

  • Dynamics Analyst brake controls now wrap belt to find previous drive while in Follow mode

Users with a current maintenance, enhancements, and support (MES) plan can get the installer for the latest version from within the software. The update checker will automatically pop-up next time Belt Analyst is opened. Users can also go to the ‘Help’ menu within Belt Analyst and click ‘Check for Updates’.

With the release of Data Driven Analyst, customers can expect a price increase on all Belt Analyst software. Overland Conveyor has not introduced a price increase on Belt Analyst since April 2010. More information will be coming soon on how pricing will affect current customers.

An active MES plan is required to update your software. Not sure if your MES is up-to-date or interested in buying Belt Analyst or adding Data Driven Analyst or Dynamic Analyst to your current license? Contact

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