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Developed by Conveyor Engineers for Conveyor Engineers. This is not just software, but the most advanced belt conveyor engineering tool available on the market.

An add-on to the popular “Belt Analyst™ program, this tool takes the running steady state condition and provides an accurate simulation of the dynamic conditions of stopping and starting.
Stop your conveyor with brakes or the drives. Determine accurate dynamic loads on the holdbacks.

And most importantly, characterize your take-up whether vertical gravity, horizontal gravity with sheaves, a winch or even with multiple programmable characteristics. Go from active winch to fixed brake during an aborted power loss start.
Watch an animation of the belt tensions and belt velocities change from full speed to stopped and back to full speed. There is no better way to understand the transient stress wave migration through the belt than with this specialized animation.

Easily make a Windows AVI file of this animation and include in reports, presentations or email to an associate. This animation is worth a million words.
Easily model the starting characteristics of fluid couplings, reduced voltage starters, wound rotor induction motors with multiple resistance steps, hydro viscous clutch, VFD, DC or any other type of start. Define a velocity curve and PID loop parameters.

Or control an intermediate drive with the our easy target tension setup window.
Perhaps the most useful feature that has made this advanced tool useable for all; Auto Tuning. FEA analysis is not easy to setup. But now the program does most of the work by automatically setting up damping factors, time steps and element sizes in the most efficient manner for all application.
In the same format as Belt Analyst™ , this program prints everything including all graphics exactly as on the screen for complete reporting and documentation.