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Bulk Flow Analyst version 20 is HERE!

We are excited to announce Bulk Flow Analyst v20 is now available! This new version includes a number of improvements & enhancements that make BFA easier to use and more accurate. See below for a list of major enhancements within BFA20:


  • New user interface - we have reconsidered the layout of the user interface to make the program flow more intuitive, allowing users to work more efficiently while achieving high quality, accurate simulations.

  • The Modeler has redesigned from the ground up. Bulk Flow Analyst users can more easily visualize and define 3D geometry for use in simulations, while keeping future flexibility in mind for new features.

  • Reworked component selection has a more streamlined approach with each component having clear and specific properties to define. A new selection mode has been added to allow multiple surfaces to be selected at once.

  • Validation - Simulation stability has always been important and that starts with how components are defined. Validating the required component details will help you feel confident simulations will run as intended.

  • Brand new simulations timeline - All timing details have been organized and consolidated to the simulations tab. This cleans up the component list and allows different simulations to utilize the same components with different timing.

  • Ramped Belt Graph now controls and visualized the ramp belt steps with a graph that is integrated with the new simulation timeline.

  • Help Manual and Supportive Materials have been written from scratch and reorganized with the new user interface in mind. We encourage you to take a look and read through the new structure as soon as the new version is released.

Current Bulk Flow Anlayst users can get the installer for the latest version from within the software where the update checker will automatically pop up next time Bulk Flow Analyst is opened. Users can also go to the help menu within Bulk Flow Analyst and click "Check for Updates"

A Current Maintenance, Enhancements, & Support (MES) plan is required to update your software. Not sure if your MES is up-to-date or interested in buying Bulk Flow Analyst? Contact

Interested in a trial? Click HERE!

Interested in purchasing? Click HERE!

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